Looking for some fun-time with friends, families, and colleagues? Something other than the usual? Escape Room Scotland is an unforgettable experience in GlasgowDundee and now Edinburgh. Each room is designed for groups of 2-6 people (Bank holds 4-10). With 60 minutes on the clock, you and your team have to solve the puzzles, riddles and brain teasers. The goal is simple – GET OUT IN TIME.





If you are looking to book in the next 48 hours please give us a call.

Think you’ve got what it takes to escape the room?

This mind bending challenge will test your logic and problem solving skills and most importantly TEAM WORK.

How escape games work

Games will begin with a briefing by our staff, where we’ll review the rules and answer any questions. Then, you’ll be led into the one of our carefully designed rooms, the door will be locked behind you, and your countdown to escape will begin. You’ll either find your way out or you will be locked in when your time runs out. The games are designed to challenge everyone and push you to your limits. Each room has a difficulty rating and a live leader board to push you even further . At the end of your game we’ll recap your accomplishments and explain how to solve any remaining puzzles that you didn’t finish. Plan on spending a total of about 90 minutes in our lovely Glasgow venue from start to finish.


Interactive exit game in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee!

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Escape Rooms Glasgow,
 Escape Rooms Dundee and Escape Rooms Edinburgh all bring to life the mental challenges and adventure of online Escape Games, the pressure of The Crystal Maze and the sleuthing of Sherlock Holmes to create pulse pounding team building activity that will have your mind racing and adrenaline flowing.  Our team building sessions allow players to escape reality and be placed in a mysterious exciting plot that evolves differently with each session based on the groups personalities and past experiences.  Bring your team mates and prepare to see a side of them you may not have seen before while you laugh, fret and beam with pride as you work together solving riddles and racing against the clock to escape! For larger group please give us a call as we can organize an event around your needs.

Corporate Escape Days

If you would like to have a special event at our Escape Rooms make sure to call us! We can help make your experience special and tailored to the amount of people and times you would like to start.

Glasgow can hold upto 28 players per hour.

Edinburgh can hold upto 12 player per hour.

Dundee can hold upto 12 players per hour (more coming 2017)


Escape Room glasgow



1st floor, 6 Dixon Street, Glasgow, G1 4AR


Balgray works, Balgray place, Dundee, DD3 8SH



Spilt Milk Social club, 125 Great Juntion street, Edinburgh, EH6 5JB




How many players can play the game at once?   Escape room glasgow and dundee scenarios are written to allow groups of 2 to 6 people in the room at once.   Apart from the bank which is built for 4 to 10 players.

I already have a booking but I’d like to change it, what can I do?   We do not accept refunds. But we are happy to reschedule.   Please give us a call to check alternative dates and times.

Am I able to purchase a gift certificate for a friend?   Yes, the price is £70 per room / game. (The bank is £110) Gift certificates are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase..     ^^^Click here to buy^^^

How long will it take?   The scenario requires you to escape in 60 minutes or less from the time you enter the room.   When you arrive you will have a quick briefing and then taken away to be locked up.   Also leave 10 minutes after the game, allowing us to go through any puzzles you struggled with. In total around 80 minutes.   vvv Read more here vvv

More F.A.Q.s

If you have a question or would like to book an event for a larger group please click on the contact page