Our Escape room reviews

Our Escape Game Reviews

Thought we would pull together some reviews from our tripadvisor pages. Just to help you all prepare for the ultimate escape experience 🙂

Escape Rooms Edinburgh

Another Amazing Time!

Reviewed 8 November 2016 via mobile

Visited the new Escape Rooms in Edinburgh by Escape Rooms Scotland with a group of friends. After doing a few of their other rooms in Glasgow and Dundee I knew I wasn’t going to be dissapointed.
We started in Outbreak which I have to be honest was the room I was least looking forward to as it’s not a room theme I would normally put myself into being a complete and utter wimp. But I did it and it was amazing. The puzzles were yet again great with something for everyone. Help was just a call away if needed! The room was amazing and I really did enjoy my time in there!
Second room for us was Bunker. Wow wow wow! I think it was utterly amazing. Such a clever room with great puzzles to solve! Up there in one of my favourite escape rooms (I don’t think anything can beat Black Pearl!)
Both rooms were large enough to comfortably hold larger groups.
The location of these escape rooms is easy to get to and we found free parking in a nearby street.
The hosts were (as always) amazing and great to chat too…I’m smitten with the new furry member of their team.
Wonderful games! Something for everyone and great fun. Thank you!!

Visited October 2016

Great Escape Room

Reviewed 16 February 2017 via mobile

My wife and I have done multiple escape rooms across central Scotland but this has to be one of the best. We did the bunker room and originally supposed to be 4 of us, turned out to only be the 2 of us due to last minute issues.

The welcome briefing and staff were excellent in providing all the info we needed although we were aware of most of the basic ideas

The interactions within the puzzles is perfect, without giving anything away, the environment and background noise changes to really submerse you into the experience. Variety of puzzles is also good, each providing a different challenge and forcing you to think on your feet

Would highly recommend this

Visited February 2017

Escape Rooms Glasgow

Everyone loved it

Reviewed 24 January 2017

We played the Riddler room as a group of friends. Two of us had played the Jail Break before, the rest were first-timers and some were less keen than others… safe to say by the end everyone was a convert - as soon as we had left everyone was asking when we can go back again.

It’s a fun challenge and you have to work as a team. You quickly get engrossed in solving the puzzles to “save the city”. The Escape Rooms staff will give you as much or as little help as you need via the intercom and in the end we escaped with less than a minute left on the timer.

If you are thinking of playing an escape game but aren’t really sure I would encourage you to do it. I went and bought gift vouchers for my brother and sister for their Christmas straight away.

Visited November 2016

Excellent escape games

5 of 5 bubblesReviewed 4 August 2016

We played jail break and zombie quarantine, enjoyed both. Jail break had some interesting puzzles a decent set up. The zombie game was brilliant in terms of engagement and fear factor. Good use of sound was made in this game to heighten suspense and adrenaline was definitely pumping throughout.

Escape Rooms Dundee

A perfect evening.

Reviewed 31 October 2016

So we (a group of 6 friends) saw the Escape Rooms in Dundee and thought we’d give it a go. Split between us, it didn’t cost much and it was something to do for Halloween. We chose the Black Pearl adventure. Not really sure what to expect, we headed off. None of us have done Escape Rooms before but we heard of them from TV. Well, when we arrived, we went up the steps and entered a waiting room where our host greeted us. We watched a humerous video about basic health and safety and rules of game play and we were led to a room. WOW, Our host opened a wooden door, quite out of place in the rest of the corridor. We walked in. We were below deck of a pirate ship. The theming was simply perfect. I’m sworn to secrecy of what was in there but really, WOW. We were locked in! (there’s an emergency key and a phone should we need it) Our host contacted us on the phone if we were stuck (oh yes, we got stuck) and offered us hints - he also gave us time updates as our count down was an hourglass. After a bit of a start we got in the swing of it. We worked as a team and the puzzles kept coming thick and fast. Deciphering this, working out that. Nothing what I’d call taxing. Everything was in the room that we needed and we didn’t need any outside knowledge but I recommend a keen sense of observation. We had a good laugh as we realised how obvious some problems were having spent several minutes trying to calculate it out. Bleep… The phone goes. 2 minutes left! WHAT? it felt we’d only been in there for about 20 minutes. frantically rushing to get the last of the puzzles done. The Door Unlocks. Our host steps in. Oh no! we’d ran out of time. What a laugh we had when our host went over some of the puzzles and showed us how to complete the quest.
We are definitely going back to do another room - This time, we’ll be ready!
I heartily recommend this for adults and teens, possibly team building for work. Definitely a good night out.

Visited October 2016

Fantastic for all ages

Reviewed 24 December 2016

Just back from a great time at Escape Rooms Dundee and want to go back already. Really friendly staff that are willing to help, though we didn’t need too much. Well thought out game that all were able to join in, from age 10 upwards. The kids are already planning the next visit and their birthday parties.
Well done to Escape Rooms for a great time.

Visited December 2016

Escape Rooms Stirling

(reviews from facebook)

reviewed Escape Rooms Scotland - Stirling5 star

Today we spent the afternoon being Guinea Pigs, our first attempt at Beta testers. So 5 of us rocked up to play, greeted by the vocal puppy Lola and her team of lovely helpers. Staff very welcoming and obviously happy at their work. We tackled Castle Alba first, everyone in agreement that the room dressing was great. An immersive room with some challenging and clever combinations of puzzles. No spoilers, just go play. Doubt you’ll be disappointed 🙂 After a welcome tea break it was onto the second challenge, Velocity. Loved the entrance door into the experience. Everyone contributing to different aspects and plenty to get the grey matter thinking. We got out in time, with a little help from our hosts! If you’re looking for something different to do in Stirling, this could be it! Thanks guys, we’re still smiling 🙂