Have you thought about playing an escape game but don’t really know what it entails? Here i am going to try and explain what happens from start to finish (without giving anything away.) Hopefully…

Before you enter a puzzle room

When you first arrive you will be greeted by one of our lovely games masters. They will say hello and direct you to our briefing area. This is were the excitement/nerves will kick in. After a quick chat we will play a short video explaining the rules and regulations of our Puzzle room, then you will have another quick chat before being whisked away to begin your adventure. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have.

First thing to do in a puzzle room.

SEARCH - And I mean search everywhere! Under tables, on top of cupboards, behind picture frames. Once you and your team have ransacked the room, regroup and pull together what you have found. Before you know it you will have found your first clues and have at lease one puzzle to solve.

Next stage

THINK and SOLVE - By now hopefully you have found all the clues hidden at the start and will be solving a puzzle. When you think you have the right answer shout it out and make sure you and your team try it in all the padlocks you can find. If it opens then you’re on the right track. Inside the box/cupboard or whatever variation of container, you will get more clues and puzzles to solve. Keep working your way through the puzzles. If you get stuck, regroup and try it again.

ESCAPE - When you solve the final puzzle you will receive a key and that overwhelming feeling of achievement rushes over you as you run to the door to unlock it and escape! (Or is there a hidden room ????)

When you make it out your timer will stop and your game is completed. Simples!

After completing the puzzle room.

Once you are out and your games master calculates your final time, we will get a cheeky team photo with a big time board and some cheesy smiles to post on our facebook page.

Hopefully after reading this article you will all be experts and will have reached our leader board. Which means you will be faced with your hardest challenge yet… THINKING OF A TEAM NAME! If you didn’t make it onto our leader board then don’t worry, we have plenty more rooms you can practice in.

Hope this helps and good luck! 😉

For more amazing info and tips have a read at our website - www.escaperoomsscotland.com