Where Did Exit Games Comes From?

Most people know what an excape room, often called, exit game, escape hour, can you escape, exit plan (you see a theme going on here!) but did you know the first dedicated escape room was created in Kyoto, Japan in 2008? It expanded all across asia and by 2015, there were around 3000 similar games across the world.

Luckily, here in Scotland, we have some of the best exit games around, and with our escape games in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stilring and Dundee, there’s one near you.

The main objective of any exit room game is to escape the room before the time runs out. There are as many themes and reasons to escape as you care to think of: zombies, bank heis escapet, incoming bombs (wether traditinoal or nuclear!), prison break, super villian escape – the lsit is endless. And, here at Escape rooms Scotland, we have an amazing selection to suit all tastes.

Normally, the games involve you and a groupd of friends, colleagues or family to try and work out using the various pieces of evidence and riddles on how to escape.

A thrilling, fun, team-working and bonding time, they are an excellent for a night out, team building, birthdays, annivarsaries, work days and any other occasion where the usual going pub-crawl seems to be a bit boring.

You can book online and also buy gift certificates. Can you and your team escape before you get eaten alive, blown up, incarcerated, killed* delete as appropriate!