An Easy Getaway Of A Gift!

Looking for the ideal gift for your friends or loved ones? you could buy them a book or a DVD or a subscription to their favourite magazine. Or, give a gift voucher for a free meal at a restaurant or a spending spree at a store. If you are feeling particularly adventurous (and want to appear awesome!), Escape Rooms Scotland can offer you a little something special.

How would you like to give a life changing experience as a present? Where you and up to six friends can spend an unforgettable birthday, stag do or corporate team building exercise attempting to escape from an exit room in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee or Stirling. It is possible if you buy them a gift voucher for Escape Rooms Scotland.

Take your pick of our fully immersive escape rooms, which plenty of exit games to choose from. Be it a zombie outbreak, wartime adventure, bank heist, jail break, escape the planet, go back in history to evade an under seige castle, or even abscond without being caught on the Black Pearl, all participants can lose themselves in the excitement of the story. Treat your friends and family to a thrilling time that will blow their minds by choosing the perfect escape – by working as a team!

Once you have decided on a games room, select the exit game gift voucher to suit you, SImply choose the correct voucher, how many players and arrange a date and time of day. Players can also choose a Generic gift voucher which can be used for any future booking. Leave the decision of what games room they play up to them. Their voucher from Escape Rooms Scotland can grant them entry to any escape room they like. Be advised that every game must have at least one adult, aged 16 years or over, in the room. Bookings are made at least a day in advance. However, if you would like to book an escape room game on short notice or prefer to speak to us, simply get in contact.

Make someone’s birthday, Christmas, hen or stag do, by giving them a gift voucher for Escape Rooms Scotland. It’s the gift that keeps on giving or maybe it might take it all from you including your life and sanity, aah ha ha ha (in an evil voice).