The Black Pearl in Dundee

escape room edinburghTake on the role of everyone’s favourite swashbuckler!!! The lovable roguish rum head Captain Jack Sparrow. Become the next Johnny Depp in a thrilling adventure on the high seas in Dundee!!! Only to be found at the Black Pearl escape room game.

This is your chance to be a buccaneer on an 18th Century pirate ship. Trapped below decks after sneaking aboard the cursed Black Pearl. It’s your mission to steal Davy Jones’s heart. His only weakness and the only way to defeat him.

You and your brave crew of adventurers have sixty minutes to escape the room. Before the last grains of sand fell in the hourglass and the evil undead pirate returns. Don’t let him catch you. You may end up being dragged to Davy Jones’ Locker!!!

Your only chance is to escape. Break out of this fully immersive, intricately designed games room. Fashioned like the below decks of a pirate ship. Where you and up to five of your friends can feel like Errol Flynn. Locked in the room, work through the various brain teasing riddles and puzzles to break the code. Get out before the time runs out and you would have conquered this rip roaring escape room game. Available only in Dundee.

Rise up to the challenge and find the buried treasure. Do you have what it takes? Have you got the heart to steal Davy Jones’s heart? Set sail for the Black Pearl and find out.