Scotland’s Answer To The Crystal Maze…

This week saw Channel Four bring back the popular game show ‘The Crystal Maze’ with star of hit sitcom ‘The IT Crowd’ Richard Ayoade hosting. The show was a big smash when it originally aired in 1990, with Rocky Horror creator Richard O`Brien hosting. It was Channel Four’s most watched program at the time, getting over 4 million viewers.

crystal maze game scotland

The hit show saw contestants enter the titular Crystal Maze. A complex comprising of different game zones, where players were locked in a room with only a set time to complete the challenge or the puzzle inside and win a glass crystal. The more crystals they won bought them more time in “The Crystal Dome”, where they grabbed gold tokens to win a prize.

“The Crystal Maze” captured the public’s imagination and it is not hard to see why. It allowed its contestants and by extension, the viewers, to feel as if they were living something they only saw in television or in a movie.

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