Storm Castle Alba in Stirling

castle alba escape stirlingIn the shadow of Stirling Castle there lurks a locked dungeon. Only you hold the key to escape!!!

The location of many legendary historical battles. A powerful fort where sieges were fought during the Wars of Scottish Independence. This city in central Scotland is now the site of your own bid for freedom!! We will send you hurtling back to Scotland’s glorious past when you escape from Castle Alba.

Visit Escape Rooms Scotland’s stirring Stirling venue on King Street. Feel like a king when you solve the puzzles. Master the riddles and crack the clues. Allowing you to complete our electrifying escape room game. Ripped from the pages of history. Transported back to the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie.

Set in 1314, during the First War of Scottish Independence. It was a time of conflict between the English and Scottish armies. Enemy forces are descending. You only hope is to hold up in the ominous Castle Alba. But you must find the way out before you are discovered. It will take courage, wits and the heart of a warrior!!!!

Are you up to the challenge of escaping Castle Alba? Don’t miss this practical, fully immersive escape game. Richly designed in period detail. In an immaculate set. Fashioned after a dungeon in a 14th Century Scottish castle.

Are you a lover of history? Do you enjoy moves like `Rob Roy` or `Braveheart? Or TV shows like `Outlander`? Form a clan and escape Castle Alba before the time runs out. Embark on a rip roaring Highland adventure. Brought to you by Escape Room Scotland. Only available in Stirling.