What’s on in Glasgow?

Experience the thrill of breaking out of an exit and escape room by visiting one of our venues across Scotland. Where you could play the awesome immersive game that’s right for you. If you live in Glasgow, or just going up the city for the day, head for our venue on Dixon Street. We have a world of adventure to choose from!!!

Take a shot at one of our exciting escape room games of various difficulty ratings. In Glasgow, you could kick off by playing our enthralling Jail Break game. It has the simplest difficulty level but does not skimp on thrills and excitement. If you are new to the world of escape and exit rooms then give our Jail Break escape room game a try. It’s an incredible opener. Only available in Glasgow.

It is also the site of our terrifying zombie quarantine game for players aged sixteen years and over. Also, only available in Glasgow. The game has a higher difficulty rating and is not for the faint hearted. Considering you are locked in a room with one of the undead. Making it more frightening.

Work together to break the codes and puzzles and get out with your lives. Before the hour is up and you are trapped with that zombie forever!!

Get a buzz on crime? A thrill seeker? Groups of between four and ten can take on our action-packed bank heist escape room. Available only in Glasgow. Become a gang of masterjewel thieves. The plan is to make off with the diamonds before the bank manager returns. Only catch is you are locked in his office. Can you make a getaway before he gets back? Outwit the banks and solve the clues. Only an hour to escape and the clock is ticking!!!

Speaking of arch criminals, why not try the newest addition to our Glasgow site? The poptastic comic book inspired The Riddler room? Where you must foil the comic book villains insidious bomb threat. All inside an hour. Feel like the Caped Crusader fighting evil, in the pages of a Batman comic come to life.

Live your imagination. Embrace your inner detective, crime lord, survivalist and superhero. There is something for everyone at Escape Rooms Scotland in Glasgow!