Can You Cut Our Saw Game???

saw escape experienceDo you love those nerve shredding Saw movies? The horror franchise which has terrified movie goers around the world? Where the masked maniac known as Jigsaw kept his victims in a locked room and they have to solve a series of terrifying brain teasers to get out alive? It is the type of movie crying out to be adapted into an awesome escape room game. If you are brave enough to face of terror, come and play our frightening Saw room game. Available only in Dundee.

Find yourself trapped in an intense life or death scenario. Where between two to six players, aged strictly sixteen years of age and over, will be tested to the limit. Questioning what is real and what horrors are waiting in the shadows. Your imagination running away with you. Filled with dread as you team up to solve the clues and crack the puzzles, preventing your escape. But you only have an hour to get out before the time runs out and Jigsaw finds you. The bogeymanis coming and you will need nerves of steel if you are going to escape his clutches!!!

Be aware that this game is not for the faint hearted or people will a fear of the dark. If you are prone to seizures or suffer from conditions such as epilepsy please let us know before the game begins. The room may have strobes or flashing lights.

Looking for a fun, terrifying thrill ride which will test your intellectual powers to the limit. You don’t have to see Saw to experience the terror, Live the hit horror movie for yourself by taking on our escape room game in Dundee. It’s not to be missed.