The reviews are in. It seems that everybody is raving about our exciting escape and exit room games. Trip Advisor has been awash with praise from people who have picked up the gauntlet. Who have been locked in a games room for an hour and have made it out the other side. Whether they have played at our locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling or Dundee. It seems everybody’s talking about the sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

Here are some quotes from people that have played our escape room games and saying how much they enjoyed them.

“Fantastic day for team building, got the team working well together and was a lot of fun. Would highly recommend for any group!”  - AaronFawns from Glasgow

“great visit, great night with some really challenging puzzles”. - Wull1

“Amazing, great laugh and gets you thinking, great for team building”. - Alan M

Players all over Scotland are wowing about our immersive escape rooms. Why not experience the thrill of being locked in one of our themed rooms for yourself?? Be it a Pirate Ship, Spaceship, Wartime Bunker, Historical Castle, Prison, Bank Heist and more!!!You and your family, friends or workmates can have an unforgettable day locked in an escape room. With only an hour to work together, discuss the clues, solve the puzzle and BREAK OUT!!!!

Players all over Scotland are WoWing about our excellent escape rooms. Just like our glowing reviewers on Trip Advisor.

Why not book one of our thrilling escape room games and see for yourself?