This is the time of year when millions of people from around the world come to Scotland’s beautiful capital to experience the thrills and excitement of the Edinburgh International Festival. It is the renowned annual event celebrating the performing arts, from theatre and comedy to dance and music. The Edinburgh Festival, along with the Edinburgh Fringe, the biggest arts festival in the world, welcomes thousands of performers from across the globe.

Take a walk down Princes Street and the Royal Mile and you will see all kinds of street performers. Either giving an impromptu show or handing out flyers for their performances at one of the incredible venues around the city.

If you are in Edinburgh for the festival and wish to take in a show, how about trying a fun unique experience during your stay? Escape Rooms Scotland has an exceptional venue of its own right in the capital, on Great Junction Street, inside Spilt Milk Social Club. Where you could witness a different type of performance, taking audience participation to the new level. It makes you part of the story. It is the next stage in interactive entertainment.

When playing our zombie game Outbreak, you will find yourself locked in a room at a CDC facility during a virus outbreak. Trapped with one of the infected. The live actor will be right there in the escape room with you, as you and your friends solve the clues to get out inside an hour. Moreover, if you are interested in history, and enjoy a spot of excitement, you could participate in our suspenseful World War Two game ‘The Bunker’. Both games are only available in the capital.

There is a festival of fun to be had at one of our escape room games in Edinburgh. There’s so much excitement on show!