The countdown has begun!!! There’s no time to lose.

Run for your life!!! Head for the launchpad!!! The planet is doomed for destruction. ‘We are leaving together, but still its farewell’.

Your only hope is to climb aboard the star ship Velocity. The clock is ticking. In an hour we reach ground zero!! How are you going to survive?

This is the premise of our awesome escape and exit room game called Velocity. Exclusive to our Stirling location. Where you can thrill at our mind-blowing sci fi adventure. Jetting you off to deep space. Set foot in this one of a kind, fully immersive escape room game. Designed in the style of a spaceship, prepped for ignition.

It will make you feel as if you have stepped into an alternate reality. When you and your friends. between two and six players, make up the crew of the star ship Velocity. Blasting off to a new life in the stars. If you can band together to overcome the obstacles delaying take off. Display the nerves and steel of an astronaut and the intellectual powers of a rocket scientist. Decipher the clues. Unlock the puzzles to crack the code and recommence countdown. Escape the games room before the clock runs out.

These are the wonders that await you, if you speed off down to Stirling. Book a space on the out of this world Velocity.