Riddle me this Batman!!!

One of the Caped Crusaders most dangerous adversaries has planted a bomb somewhere in Glasgow. The Counter Terrorist Unit has pinpointed the site, but there is a problem. The room is full of locks and mind-bending puzzles.They need to be solved to put the bomb out of action.So, what are you going to do?

Get a super team together and have sixty minutes to decipher the clues and save the day!! Defuse the bomb and escape the locked room by playing our immersive game ‘The Riddler’ For two to six players. £70 a room for the hour. Available only in Glasgow.

Portrayed by Frank Gorshin in the classic 1960s Batman TV series. As well as Jim Carrey in the 90s movie ‘Batman Forever’. The Riddler AKA Edward Nygma is among the most colourful and flamboyant of Gotham’s rogue’s gallery of villains. Famous for his love of word games, riddles and puzzles, which ironically you will have to solve if you are going to defeat him. Survive his tricks. Outwit his maze of puzzles. Foil his evil plot and hit the criminal a Pow across the jaw!!!

Be the hero of your own comic book adventure. Wham!!! By deactivating the bomb and escaping from our Ridder game room in Glasgow.

Solve the mystery and experience the E Nygma of our escape and exit room game!!! Keep Glasgow safe from Gotham’s green menace.