Save C.A.R.A and Save The Future

In the world of sci-fi, supercomputers or artificial life forms have often been a threat to mankind. Take the notorious HAL 9000, who decimated the Jupiter mission in Stanley Kubrick’s `2001 A Space Odyssey`. Proteus, the mad supercomputer which kept Julie Christie a prisoner in her own home in `Demon Seed` Or the enigmatic Alicia Vikander in recent sci-fi thriller `Ex Machina`.

However, take a trip to our Escape and Exit Room Games in Dundee, and find yourself in a science fiction adventure with a twist. Where you will not be attempting to destroy the artificial intelligence but to save it!! That will be your mission, if you play our C.A.R.A. game. For between two and six players.

Witness the wonder of C.A.R.A with your own eyes. She is the most advanced form of artificial intelligence on the planet. So advanced in fact that the scientists who designed her see her as a threat. They fear they have created a monster and want to shut her down. You cannot just stand by and let it happen. For the good of humanity and in the interests of science you have to save C.A.R.A. But she has been locked away in a secret lab and is set to be destroyed. You and your team have only an hour to unravel the clues, crack the locks and find her. Before it’s too late. For the future of mankind!!! Are you up to the mission?

Take a quantum leap in escape room gaming. Play the pioneering C.A.R.A game. Available only in Dundee.