There’s an exciting, action packed escape room game in Glasgow. It has been getting rave reviews from players on Trip Advisor. If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side? Channel your own super criminal by pulling off a Bank Heist.

It is the thrilling caper with a five-star difficulty rating, which is only available in Glasgow. Where between four to ten players, for £110 an hour, can form a team of hi tech robbers. Trapped in the manager’s office of a bank. You have only sixty minutes to unravel the clues and make off with the diamond, before the time runs out and you are discovered.

Join our band of lovable rogues who have taken on this suspense-filled escape room game and have been singing its praises. These are among the various glowing reviews which people have put on Trip Advisor.

Elaine C called the Bank Heist game “Fantastic fun and many puzzles to solve. Staff were friendly and we loved our 10-person room experience. We will be back”.

A TripAdvisor reviewer said, “Heard a lot about it and decided to do a group event for a birthday to do bank heist…once you get working together you become engrossed”.

Jamie S said “booked into the Jail Break room filled with excitement as it would be our first Escape Room experience. We were not disappointed!!”

How would you like to sample the exhilaration of carrying out a bank heist, and making your escape? Just like our reviewers.Have you ever dreamed of a life of crime and flying in the face of the law? Find out what it’s like for yourself by booking the Bank Heist escape room game in Glasgow. It’s the perfect getaway.