Escape Rooms Scotland has a choice of fabulous venues, located all over the country. We have an extensive choice of ever expanding escape room games. You will find the right adventure to suit you, wherever you may live!!! If you complete one exciting game, you could have another go. Players also the option of travelling to another location and try a different game. There is a world of possibilities open to you at our various sites across Scotland. Have a look around our site and choose the ideal exit and escape room game for you. From Glasgow and Edinburgh to Stirling and Dundee. You could find the perfect gaming experience to meet your needs.

Pay a visit to Dixon Street in Glasgow. Choose from our awesome comic book inspired `The Riddler` game. The exciting, suspenseful Bank Heist. A tense Jail Break, or a terrifying Zombie Quarantine. These escape room games are available only in Glasgow!

Do you live in the east? Would you like to try a different escape room game somewhere else? Why not travel to the capital? Where you could play one of our adventure games in Edinburgh? Escape from a disease control facility during an outbreak or from an underground bunker in World War Two.

If you live in Dundee, or visiting for the day, book one of the city’s escape room games. There was the frightening, horror inspired Saw game. The pirate adventure Black Pearl. The epic sci-fi escape room game, on the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, called C.A.R.A.. Visitors could also play the thrilling new Gold Rush game, set in an underground mine. These are the awe-inspiring escape room games you can play in Dundee.

Escape Rooms Scotland furthermore has a fabulous location in Stirling, under the cover of the bridge. Where players find themselves hurtled back in time. Forced to escape from the historical fort Castle Alba, in the year 1314. However, when visiting Stirling, players can go from one extreme to the other. Where you can leave the Highlands of Scotland and shoot off to the stars. If you choose to play a science fiction game on the cusp of technology. Set aboard the space ship, Velocity.

Choose from one of our fantastic venues across Scotland. Why not book today? It can be the perfect place to challenge yourself, if you are looking for a great escape!!