A World Of Adventure In Dundee

CARA logo copyVisit the City of Dundee in the East Central Lowlands on the north bank of the Firth of Tay, where you can live the adventure. The fourth largest city in Scotland is known for its historical scientific breakthroughs. It has been advertised as “One City, Many Discoveries”. Dundee is the home of the last wooden three-masted ship to be constructed in the UK. The exploration vessel the RRS Discovery, which first carried the explorer Robert Falcon Scott to the Antarctic, was built by the Dundee Shipbuilders Company in 1901. Dundee has always been acentre of discovery. Take a trip to our Escape Room Scotland venue on Balgray Place, and witness the excitement for yourself. Dundee has several awe-inspiring fully immersive escape room games for you to choose from.

They take in many different genres and are set in numerous locations. Across time and space. For instance, Dundee is home to the frightening Saw game. Where, for players aged sixteen and over, you have an hour to escape a deadly serial killer’s trap, or end up as one of his victims.

If you love high adventure, you could set off on a treasure hunt. Go exploring Dundee’s underground mine, where you play our new Gold Rush game. Where you will be trapped beneath the earth and will have to solve the clues if you are going to make it out again.

There will be more thrills in store when you play the escape room game inspired by the hit Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Jump aboard the legendary pirate ship The Black Pearl!!! Where you will have only an hour to steal Davy Jone’s heart if you are going to secure your freedom.

If that’s not all, Dundee is also home to an escape game on the cutting edge of technology. You will be the hero of your own science fiction adventure. Fighting to save the artificial intelligence known as C.A.R.A. in a race against time.

From thrills on the high seas, to under the ground and out of this world, there is a thrilling escape room game just waiting to be conquered in Dundee. Come and have a go if you think your brave and clever enough!!!