Happy Halloween From Escape Room Scotland

escape room zombie game edinburghIt may be hard to believe but Halloween is just around the corner. People are already preparing their parties and picking out their costumes. So, if you are looking for a good scare this October, why not play one of our frightening, horror tinged escape room games? You will feel like you are a character in your favourite scary movie. You can be the hero battling the monster, just as long as you don’t end up being the victim. But, then again, doesn’t everybody enjoyed being scared?

Why settle for watching a horror movie in the cinema over Halloween, when you could live the adventure yourself? Visit one of the scary immersive escape rooms in Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh. These are the locations across the country where you can find our most frightening, horror games. If you like being scared and you’re not too squeamish, you could play our blood curdling Saw escape room. Inspired by the hit movie franchise.

If you live in and around Glasgow, or are visiting the city for the day, experience our terrifying Zombie Quarantine escape room. You could also fight a deadly virus in a CDC facility in Edinburgh, when you take on our chilling Outbreak game. Where you and your friends can team up and solves the clues, if you want to escape inside an hour.

Have a happy Halloween by playing one of our incredible, horror themed adventure games, brought to you by Escape Rooms Scotland. It is the perfect way to spend the holiday. They are so much fun it’s scary!!