Looking For The Perfect Halloween Costume This Year? Play Our Scary Escape Room Games

Are you on the lookout for the perfect costume to wear this Halloween? Why not take the lead from our various escape room games? After all, dressing up and role playing can play an important part in the entire gaming experience. So, if you are hoping for a few pointers to what to dress up as this year, why not visit our sites across Scotland? Our escape room games could inspire you.

For instance, if you live in Dundee, check out our location on Balgray Place. If you are sixteen years and over, you can experience our terrifying `Saw` game. You can encounter the evil serial killer `Jigsaw` He could be this year’s favourite bogeyman. The scary monster horror fans may wish to go dressed as for Halloween. He has taken his place among classic movie maniacs like Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger and is sure to be a favourite.

Do you prefer something a little more family friendly? Why not dress up as a Disney hero? Go as everybody’s favourite pirate, played by Johnny Depp in the `Pirates of The Caribbean` movies. There will be hundreds of people out there looking to dress up as the lovable rogue Captain Jack Sparrow. But if you are looking for a little inspiration, don’t just watch the movie again. Come and have a go at being a pirate yourself. Play our swash buckling Black Pearl game in Dundee.

But this is the horror season, and it seems that everybody’s raving about zombies. Fans of hit tv show `The Walking Dead` will be lining up to dress up as one of the undead. If you are 16 years or over, you can get in the mood by playing our zombie quarantine game in Glasgow. Or how about our Outbreak game in Edinburgh, fighting the effects of a deadly virus in a CDC clinic?

Are you looking for the perfect scary costume this Halloween? Why not pick up a few tips by playing our spine chilling escape room games, at our sites around Scotland? There’s nothing like living the horror for yourself to get you in the mood for the holidays.