Take a trip to the beautiful city of Stirling in central Scotland. The site of the world famous castle. It is also the location of two of our suspenseful, challenging and great fun escape room games. Each designed to transform you to different worlds. Daring you to test your endurance, as well as your deductive and problem-solving skills. As you are locked in a fully immersive room, following a theme. It may be a throwback to Scotland’s blood-stained past or set in the future, where players could board a space ship and set off into the stars. You could not find two such radically opposing escape room games. Come and see for yourself.

For £70 a room, between two to six players will feel as if they have travelled back in time. Visit the days of the Jacobite Rebellion. It is a time where Scottish towns are under siege. Your only haven is the impregnable Castle Alba. It is a fort where you could hold up, but your enemies are approaching. You must escape this ancient Scottish castle if you are going to survive! But you only have an hour before the opposing army break down the door. Get caught up in the heat of battle! Live your own highland adventure by playing our Castle Alba escape room game.

If that wasn’t exciting enough, you can travel from the Scottish Highlands to the outer reaches of space. It is possible though, if you play our stunning science fiction escape room game on board the Velocity. You can experience an alternate reality as you blast off on the eponymous spaceship. Be part of the crew evacuating a dying planet. Be warned. You only have sixty minutes to work out the clues preventing take off. If you are going to commence countdown and make it out the room. Do you have the skills and never to unravel the mystery of Velocity?

Journey back to Scotland’s glorious past to a new life in the stars, by playing our incredible escape room games, only to be found in Stirling.