Before You See Jigsaw-Play Saw

saw escape experienceThere is a terrifying new horror film coming to a cinema near you. Just in time for Halloween. It is the latest instalment, some are calling a reboot, of the Saw franchise. It is the eighth movie of the series, taking place ten years after the events of the last film. It seems there is a copycat killer on the loose. Someone is replicating the crimes of the masked maniac from the first film. He is the demented serial killer Jigsaw. Notorious for the blood curdling brain teasers he puts his victims through, where they must solve a series of twisted puzzles if they want to escape. Well now it seems someone has picked up the mantle and is continuing his sadistic bloody rampage, in the new horror film set for release which shares the killers name, called `Jigsaw`.

Are you a horror fan? Do you love the scary `Saw` movies? Before you see the next instalment, why not book our chilling escape room game inspired by the series, only to be found in Dundee? You and your friends could have the perfect Halloween fright by playing our one of a kind `Saw` game. If you think you could outwit Jigsaw’s macabre games better than his hapless victims in the flic, then here’s your chance to prove it. You will be locked in a darkened room, with only an hour to unravel the clues and escape the killer. Be warned though that this room is only suitable for persons aged sixteen and over.

If you are looking to have fun while having a great scare? Are you thinking of checking out the new Jigsaw movie? Why not play the `Saw` room game from Escape Room Scotland first? Watching scary film is one thing, but nothing compares to living the horror for real!!!

Please Note :- If you have a phobia of the dark or suffer from sights of epilepsy or seizures, then please tell a member of staff before the game begins, because your safety and comfort are always of paramount importance.