escape edinburgh, escape room edinbuegh, escape room, escape edinburghAre you interested in team building? Do you enjoy pressure situations? Do you wish to get the best out of your co-workers, so you can function as a unit? If you travel to one of our sites across Scotland, we can put on the ideal corporate team building escape room game. Just the way you want it.

There is nothing like workmates putting their heads together to solve a problem. Are you apart of the workforce and wish to strengthen your bond with your colleagues? How about working to unravel a puzzle and decipher the clues in one of our corporate escape days?

It is the perfect team building experience enjoyed by players at our various locations across Scotland. Visitors can have an unforgettable day out!! We can fashion your escape room game to meet your needs. Escape Room Scotland will cater to whenever you want to play the game. You can set up the time and decide how many people would like to play.

If you live in and around Glasgow, or just visiting for the day, then our corporate escape room games last for an hour and can hold up to 28 people. Our Edinburgh location can cater to up to a dozen players at a time. It is the same for Stirling, as well as Dundee for the moment. However, its numbers are expected to rise soon.

Are you on the lookout for the ideal Corporate Day escape room for you and your workmates? How many of you there may be, wherever you may be, then book a room at one of our sites across the country. If you are searching for the perfect team building exercise around, then come to Escape Room Scotland. You make the rules!!! We will follow your lead, to bring you the escape room game you want!