Are you planning a night out in Glasgow, and wish to try something different? Are you looking for that little something extra on an evening out with friends? Why not see what it’s like to be a detective and play the lead in your own story? This is better than any movie. It is not just a case of watching the adventure play out as a spectator. Escape Room Scotland gives you the chance to take part. It is an adventure not to be missed, and it is available at our Glasgow location.

There is so much to experience at our site on Dixon Street. You and your friends or co-workers could be your own crack unit. Players could be a heroic band of survivors, battling zombies, or a cadre of crime fighters. They could be a bunch of escaped convicts on the run or a gang of master criminals, pulling a robbery. These are a few of the exciting scenarios you could face, if you book one of our extraordinary escape room games in Glasgow.

These include our action-packed, comic book inspired The Riddler game. If you want to outsmart the guards, you could carry out a Jail Break. Horror fans, of aged sixteen years and over, can attempt our frightening Zombie Quarantine game. These escape rooms are suitable for two to six players, and are available for £70. If you have between four to ten players, you could play the highly suspenseful Bank Heist game, for £110 a room.

Choose from our exceptional exit and escape room games in Glasgow. Players will only have an hour to make it out, if they are going to succeed. Are you up to the challenge? Why not visit our site in the city and find out?