Are you looking to challenge yourself? Do you wish to push yourself and have a great time? Searching for the perfect thrill ride to lose yourself in. We at Escape Rooms Scotland will provide you with the most exciting, mind bending puzzles. They are designed to harness your skills of problem solving. Sharpen your nerves, test your logic and intellect. If that is not all, our exit and escape room games improve your sense of team work. They allow you and your friends or colleagues to pull your resources and solve the clues.

You could then escape from that locked room and conquer that immersive adventure game inside an hour. Then you will have taken on and defeated our various brain teasing escape room games. They have many different themes and can be found at numerous sites across Scotland.

If you live in Dundee, you could board a pirate ship or burrow beneath the earth in a gold mine. Players could also fly off into outer space on a rocket or escape from a serial killer from a horror movie. And that’s not all. Visitors in Glasgow can take on one of Gotham City’s most notorious super villains The Riddler. They can plan a bank heist or a jail break, or escape a nightmarish zombie quarantine. Players in Edinburgh can battle a virus outbreak at the Centre of Disease Control, or escape from an underground bunker filling with deadly gas in World War Two. At the same time, visitors in Stirling can take refuge in a historic Scottish castle or, on the other extreme, blasting off to the stars on board a spaceship.

There is a wide world of adventure waiting for you when you play one of our escape room games, wherever you may be. If on the west coast of Scotland or the east coast and all over, you will find the perfect adventure game to stir your imagination. For an experience you won’t forget, you can rely on Escape Room Scotland.