Now that the festive season is over with and right smack in the New Year, its time to consider your plans for 2018. In the upcoming year, you will be faced with the usual influx of family celebrations. There will be birthdays, anniversaries and works nights out, along with any get together with family and friends. A student night or a stag or hen party. Whatever’s on the horizon, you may be on the lookout for that one special item. Are you tired of buying the same old boring present? If you are thinking of giving something unusual this year, why not give a gift voucher from Escape Rooms Scotland?

Treat your friends and loved ones to the heights of high adventure. They can forget their everyday lives and play one of our incredible exits and escape room games. The gift recipient could visit our different locations across Scotland. If they live in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee or Stirling, they could trade in the voucher for a whole new world. It opens doors to a fully immersive escape room game. They could have the time of their lives deciphering the clues to escape the locked room inside an hour. But the gift voucher must be redeemed within six months of purchase.

You have the option of choosing the preferred escape room for your friends or loved ones or let them decide for themselves. Purchase a generic gift voucher, allowing them entry to any escape room they choose.

If you want to give your friends or family a present they will never forget in 2018, then buy them a gift voucher from Escape Room Scotland.