Do you believe in romance? Valentines Day is coming up. It is the time of the year for being with that special person in your life. It is the day for showing them how much they mean to you. The only question is how to celebrate it? You could go the classic route of flowers, chocolates or a candlelit dinner for two. However, there is another option open to you. If you are looking for an unusual way of spending Valentines Day, then how about choosing something different?

You can have a date night in a million by experiencing the phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation. If you are in the mood for something exciting, why not try one of our enthralling escape room games? More and more people are visiting our locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Stirling. They can be the perfect place to celebrate that big occasion. Be it a birthday, stag night, hen party, works night out or Christmas do.

Do you feel like doing something a little different this Valentines? Do you like thinking a little out of the box? Why not take your other half to an adventure game from Escape Room Scotland? Think of it. Who wouldn’t want to see their significant other locked up in a room for an hour!? lol Or what could be more exciting for a loving couple teaming up to solve a mystery? You could work together to unravel the clues and make your escape inside sixty minutes.

Think of the fun you could have surviving a zombie apocalypse. Burrowing your way out of an underground gold mine. Pulling a bank heist. Busting out of jail. Blasting off in a starship. Defending a Scottish castle or escaping from a gas-filled bunker in the middle of the blitz.

These are a few of the thrills that await you spend Valentine’s Day playing one of our escape room games. Who says romance is dead?