Jumanji Movie2018 looks set to be a big year for gaming in the movies. It has already seen the new `Jumanji` movie doing good business at the US box office. This summer also sees the release of Steven Spielberg`s new science fiction spectacular `Ready Player One`. A futuristic thriller, based on the best-selling novel about a virtual reality game in a dystopian America. Allowing people to escape their day to day existence by entering another world. Just like the characters in the new Jumanji movie.

The original was released in 1995. It starred the great Robin Williams as a man who, as a child, was sucked into a magical board game. The sequel is called Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle. The board game is now a video game. It transports four high school kids into the jungle world of Jumanji. They appear as avatars of characters in the game. The movie stars Dwayne The Rock Johnson. His `Central Intelligence` co-star Kevin Hart. `School of Rock` star Jack Black and former Doctor Who babe Karen Gillan.

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