How do you know when a pastime has entered the general consciousness and become a part of popular culture? It has either been mentioned in a song or appears in a tv show or movie, and escape rooms are no different. There are various instances of interactive adventure games being featured in popular television programs, only highlighting their ongoing appeal.

For example, in a recent episode of the popular British sitcom `Not Going Out,` entitled appropriately enough `Escape Room`, the main character Lee, played by comedian Lee Mack, celebrates his birthday by playing an escape room game with his family, but things don’t go as planned.

It is not just British programs which have focused on escape room games. They have also been mentioned in American shows, such as the US comedy `Two Broke Girls`. The series about two waitresses in New York trying to make a success of their business. In the fifth episode of the fifth season, called `And The Escape Room`, the girls must work together to play an Alice In Wonderland themed game.

What’s more, in an episode of cop comedy `Brooklyn Nine-Nine,` stern Captain Holt, his sarcastic assistant Gina and lovable bumbling detectives Hitchcock and Scully played an escape room as part of a team-building exercise. The goal was to find four hidden keys to prevent a nuclear apocalypse where, almost more by accident than design, they teamed up to solve the puzzle.

These are just a few of the well-known television programs which have centred on escape rooms. It is another example of how immersive interactive games are becoming more and more widespread. If you would like to experience this far-reaching phenomenon for yourself, then visit one of our sites. You can ride the wave that’s taken tv and movies by storm, by playing an escape room game in Scotland.