There is an exciting new blockbuster movie coming to cinema screens. Filmgoers and gamers alike will be flocking to the action spectacular ‘Rampage’. A big-budget monster mash starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and is set to be a smash.

It is the latest movie to have either been inspired by video games or relating to their popularity. These include the new Steven Spielberg film ‘Ready Player One’, ‘Tomb Raider’ starring Alicia Vikander, ‘Resident Evil’ with Milla Jovovich and ‘Doom’, another film based on a video game starring Dwayne Johnson.

The wrestler turned movie stars’ new release ‘Rampage’ is taken from the video game series by Midway Games Inc. The American developer and publisher behind such legendary titles as ‘Mortal Kombat’. Rampage, one of their most popular franchises, has been available for numerous consoles.

The original video game is about a human being whom, after a lab experiment, is turned into a monster destroying major cities across the globe. However, the story has been tweaked for the movie. The Rock now plays the head of an anti-poaching unit caring for an albino silverback gorilla transformed into a giant rampaging creature. But he is our only hope when the same experiment turns a grey wolf and a crocodile into huge monsters on the loose. So, what are we going to do? We are between a Rock and a hard place.

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