Are you a horror fan? Do you have a fascination with historical murder cases? There is an intriguing new escape room which has recently just opened in London. A one of a kind adventure in an extraordinary setting, based on a notorious crime from the past. It has been called the next level of gaming, combining history, puzzle solving and performance art. Check into the horrifying The Hollow Hotel.

The ground-breaking game is created by differencEngine, a theatre company specialising in immersive, interactive experiences. The Hollow Hotel is three floors above ground level and located on Clements Road, close to Bermondsey tube station in South London. As the name suggests, this is no ordinary escape room. It is laid out like a mock hotel, where visitors can switch between floors, play their own escape rooms and confer with cast members, as they try and solve the mystery. But that’s easier said than done because the building is not modelled after just any hotel. It is based on the infamous `Murder Castle` in Chicago in the late 19th Century.

It was the story that shocked America. The case of mass murderer H.H. Holmes who opened a three-storey hotel in 1893 with over a hundred rooms. However, the place turned out to be a real-life chamber of horrors. The hotel was full of spy holes, trap doors, and secret passages, but that wasn’t the worst part. It turned out that Holmes was murdering his guests. He confessed to killing 28 people and was executed, but many think he could have murdered up to 200. The story was documented in the 2003 non-fiction book `The Devil in the White City` by Erik Larson. It has been announced that Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese is working on a movie version, with Leonardo DiCaprio playing Holmes.

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