Black Pearl

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Black Pearl


You have 60 minutes to

retrieve Davy Jones heart.

Will you make it out in time?

2-6 players

£70 per room.

Difficulty rating:

Please note the game is only available in our Dundee location.

Black Pearl

The Jolly Roger is flying high. The anchor has been raised. It’s time to set sail!
Somewhere aboard the Black Pearl lies the heart of Davy Jones, and he will stop at nothing to see it returned. You and your crew are trapped below deck. You must find the heart and escape the ship before the time runs out. If you are captured, you will be thrown to the depths of Davy Jones’ locker. Will you make it out in time?
When you step inside this room, you will find yourself enthralled in the enchanting world of pirates, buccaneers and gold doubloons. You are no longer in the streets of Dundee, you will truly believe you are on a courageous adventure on an 18th century pirate ship.