Corporate Escape Rooms

At Escape Rooms Scotland, we believe that team building is an essential part of any workplace. It helps to strengthen the dynamic between co-workers and creates a fun atmosphere in which they can get to know each other on a more personal level.

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The logistics

Groups will be sorted into teams of 6 and placed into their respective rooms
You will be locked in, each room has a completely unique and immersive setting and theme. Which in turns offers a completely different experience for each team
You have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, decipher the riddles, crack the codes and ESCAPE!

Why Escape Rooms are perfect for corporate team building
In our rooms, your employees must work together as a team to find clues and solve various puzzles, riddles, clues and conundrums. They will be interacting with each other in a way that they wouldn’t normally find themselves able to do in the workplace
It allows them to get to know each other better in a different environment. People let their personalities shine through a little more when they are in a more relaxed, fun setting
It gives you the chance to see who works well under pressure and who is a team player.
They will have a unified sense of achievement upon completion, which will bring them closer together.

We will also provide you and your team with your very own leaderboard that you can take with you and display proudly in the workplace to torture the losers… I mean congratulate the winners… obviously 


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Contact Escape Rooms Scotland today!
If you think a corporate day out would be perfect for your team, then drop us an email if you have specific needs. We will do our best to accommodate every aspect of your wants/needs in order to give you the best experience possible for your tailor made escape rooms team building day.

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