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Get Hooked On Our Kidnapped Room In Dundee

What would you do if you woke up in a strange place with no idea where you were? Blindfolded and left to rot, with no explanation of how you got there. You have been held prisoner against your will by an unknown assailant. How are you going to get out? […]

Take A Trip Into History With Escape Rooms Scotland

Are you a horror fan? Do you have a fascination with historical murder cases? There is an intriguing new escape room which has recently just opened in London. A one of a kind adventure in an extraordinary setting, based on a notorious crime from the past. It has been called […]

Escape Rooms Scotland Rampages Over The Competitors

There is an exciting new blockbuster movie coming to cinema screens. Filmgoers and gamers alike will be flocking to the action spectacular ‘Rampage’. A big-budget monster mash starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and is set to be a smash. It is the latest movie to have either been inspired by […]

Escape Rooms Scotland Rampages Over The Competitors

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Play Escape Room Games As Seen On TV

How do you know when a pastime has entered the general consciousness and become a part of popular culture? It has either been mentioned in a song or appears in a tv show or movie, and escape rooms are no different. There are various instances of interactive adventure games being […]

Play Tomb Raider – Book An Escape Room

She was the video game character from the mid-nineties who became a worldwide phenomenon. Lara Croft was the heroine of `Tomb Raider` brought out by the Japanese video game publisher Square Enix and first appeared in 1996. Lara Croft is the international adventurer come archaeologist first created by British game […]

Play Tomb Raider

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How To Beat An Escape Room

Have you decided to attempt one of our escape room games? Are you a beginner who has never played before? Are you excited but a little unsure if you will be able to solve the clues? But don’t stress. There are a few simple rules to follow if you are […]

Escape Room Games The World Wide Phenomenon

It is the craze that’s sweeping the planet. It seems that millions of people around the world have got caught up in the excitement of escape rooms. Hundreds of such games have opened in cities across the globe. Ever since they first came to prominence in the late 2000s. Initially, […]


Bag Yourself A Bargain With Our ’49deal’

If you live in or around Edinburgh or Stirling, or just visiting for the day, why don’t you snap up this exciting special offer! Escape Rooms Scotland provide you the opportunity to book an adventure game at a knockdown price, but for a limited time only. So, don’t miss out. […]

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Jumanji Movie

Be A Winner Go Gaming in 2018

2018 looks set to be a big year for gaming in the movies. It has already seen the new `Jumanji` movie doing good business at the US box office. This summer also sees the release of Steven Spielberg`s new science fiction spectacular `Ready Player One`. A futuristic thriller, based on […]