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Escape Rooms A Big Hit On Trip Advisor

The reviews are in. It seems that everybody is raving about our exciting escape and exit room games. Trip Advisor has been awash with praise from people who have picked up the gauntlet. Who have been locked in a games room for an hour and have made it out the […]

Trip Advisor Escape rooms

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Can You Cut Our Saw Game???

Do you love those nerve shredding Saw movies? The horror franchise which has terrified movie goers around the world? Where the masked maniac known as Jigsaw kept his victims in a locked room and they have to solve a series of terrifying brain teasers to get out alive? It is […]

Riddle me this Batman!!!

One of the Caped Crusaders most dangerous adversaries has planted a bomb somewhere in Glasgow. The Counter Terrorist Unit has pinpointed the site, but there is a problem. The room is full of locks and mind-bending puzzles.They need to be solved to put the bomb out of action.So, what are […]

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The Black Pearl in Dundee

Take on the role of everyone’s favourite swashbuckler!!! The lovable roguish rum head Captain Jack Sparrow. Become the next Johnny Depp in a thrilling adventure on the high seas in Dundee!!! Only to be found at the Black Pearl escape room game. This is your chance to be a buccaneer […]

Storm Castle Alba in Stirling

In the shadow of Stirling Castle there lurks a locked dungeon. Only you hold the key to escape!!! The location of many legendary historical battles. A powerful fort where sieges were fought during the Wars of Scottish Independence. This city in central Scotland is now the site of your own […]


There’s Gonna Be A Jail Break In Glasgow

Remember ‘The Fugitive’, when Harrison Ford was convicted of his wife’s murder and was forced to go on the run? Or ‘Escape From Alcatraz’, where Clint Eastwood broke out of the notorious prison. From ‘Shawshank Redemption’ on, there have been thousands of excellent prison escape movies. But how would it […]

What’s on in Glasgow?

Experience the thrill of breaking out of an exit and escape room by visiting one of our venues across Scotland. Where you could play the awesome immersive game that’s right for you. If you live in Glasgow, or just going up the city for the day, head for our venue […]

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Scotland’s Answer To The Crystal Maze…

This week saw Channel Four bring back the popular game show ‘The Crystal Maze’ with star of hit sitcom ‘The IT Crowd’ Richard Ayoade hosting. The show was a big smash when it originally aired in 1990, with Rocky Horror creator Richard O`Brien hosting. It was Channel Four’s most watched program […]

An Easy Getaway Of A Gift!

Looking for the ideal gift for your friends or loved ones? you could buy them a book or a DVD or a subscription to their favourite magazine. Or, give a gift voucher for a free meal at a restaurant or a spending spree at a store. If you are feeling […]

Where Did Exit Games Comes From?

Most people know what an excape room, often called, exit game, escape hour, can you escape, exit plan (you see a theme going on here!) but did you know the first dedicated escape room was created in Kyoto, Japan in 2008? It expanded all across asia and by 2015, there […]