How many players can play the game at once?
Most of our escape rooms are designed for teams of 2- 6 players, except CSI Glasgow and 1942 (Glasgow) which are intended for 4 - 8 players

I have booked a 2-6 player room but there is 7 in my group - Can i squeeze an extra player in?

Please note that we cannot allow groups to go over the maximum room occupancy number.

The limit for each of our rooms is set for very important reasons -
Health & Safety, Insurance purposes and Fire Evacuation to name a few.

Do I need to book in advance?
Yes, you need to book a time slot at least 24 hours prior to the start time. There are no ‘on the spot’ games simply because the room needs to be set up in advance.
If you do require a game on short notice, call us on 07421995910 and we will book you in if we can.

How do I book using a Gift Voucher/Discount code
To book using a Gift Voucher, discount code or Groupon Code  - Click on the ‘BOOK NOW‘ page, where you will find a button with a green tag which says “Enter Code”. Enter the relevant voucher code  into this box and your discount will be applied automatically
This will then allow you to choose your date and Time.

I already have a booking but I’d like to change it, what can I do?
Unfortunately, we do not issue refunds. But we will be more than happy to reschedule your game. Please give us a call to check alternative dates and times. Bookings can only be changed if you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice in advance of your booking.

How much does it cost?
Our rooms are priced per person. Minimum/Maximum players varies per room. Prices are as follows;

2 Players - £50
3 Players - £60
4 Players - £70
5 Players - £80
6 Players - £90
7 Players - £100
8 Players - 110

Do you serve alcohol?
No. Under no circumstances are you to consume any alcohol before playing your game. If you arrive under the influence of any alcohol you may not be admitted and you will not be refunded. This is entirely at the discretion of the Escape Room team

I’m pregnant, can I join in?
Yes! There’s nothing physical, and there are chairs in the room if you’d like to sit down at any point. Also, you’ll have a key to get out should you need to via the entrance door.

Do I need to bring a change of clothes or what should I wear?
You do not need to bring spare clothes as nothing will get you dirty, damaged or soak your clothing.
Just wear what you want as no special clothing is required.

Who’s it suitable for?
Friends, family, stags and hen do’s, corporate team building events, nights out – anyone who would like to experience something different! All ages are welcome, though we feel those under 8 may find it too difficult and not be able to contribute too much.
Those aged 8 to 15 years must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16.

Am I able to purchase a gift certificate for a friend?
Yes, you can buy gift vouchers for groups of 2, 4, 6 or 8 players. They are priced the same as any room booking (see ‘How Much Does It Cost?’ above for prices) Gift certificates are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can purchase them here!

How long will it take?
The scenario requires you to escape in 60 minutes or less from the time you enter the room. We ask that you arrive 10 - 15 minutes before your game in order for us to give you a quick briefing. Then you’ll be taken away to be locked up. We also ask that you anticipate 10 minutes after the game, allowing us to go through any puzzles you struggled with, and get your group photo taken. So in total around 80 minutes.

Are escape rooms suitable for children?
All ages are welcome, although we feel that children under the age of 8 will struggle with a lot of our puzzles, but they are more than welcome to join in the fun! We also realise there are some super intelligent little guys/girls out there, so if you think your little one can conquer our rooms, we’d love to see it. We’ve already been visited by a 6-year-old puzzle master!

All children must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 16 as part of the group
Our Kidnapped room however is strictly for over 16’s only.

Do you have to be super smart to do an escape room?
Not at all! Our rooms are designed with varying difficulties of puzzles within each room, this is so that everyone taking part may have the chance to solve something even if they aren’t necessarily as smart as their team mates.

I’m claustrophobic, is the door really locked?
Under normal circumstances yes, the door is always locked. However, as part of your briefing we will ask if anyone is claustrophobic/nervous about being locked in. If you let us know beforehand, we can leave the door unlocked if it makes you feel safer!

Are the rooms wheelchair accessible?
Unfortunately they are not. Each of our venues has a flight of stairs to get into it, and because they are all situated in old buildings, we do not have the ability to install wheelchair access of any kind. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience!

What happens if I’m running late?
If you are running late please try to give us a call on 01412862686 as soon as possible to let us know. Even if you’re running late we sometimes allow you to play with a reduced time limit. It is likely your game time will be reduced if you arrive late. However, due to bookings after your time slot and the reset time required if you are more than 20 minutes late your game will be cancelled and you will not be refunded or rescheduled.

I booked for 3 people, can I bring an extra person?
As long as you don’t exceed the maximum player count for your selected room, then you can bring extra people, but please note all extra players not on the original booking will be charged at £7.50 per person

What should I bring with me?
Your inner detective! The answers to the clues, riddles, puzzles and mysteries are all in the room. This is an intellectual game therefore nothing else is needed.
Just apply deductive reasoning and logic to escape.

How does the game end?
Either you are successful and find the key to the room in less than 60 minutes or you have been unsuccessful and we may eventually decide to let you out!!!