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Far beneath the sands of Cairo, lies an ancient tomb. As part of an elite group of archaeologists, you have the honour of being one of the first people to step foot inside for the very first time since it was sealed thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, the structure turns out to be very unstable and you find yourself trapped after the doorway collapses
Slowly running out of air, you and your crew must find a way to the surface before it’s too late!

Will you make it out in time?

2 Players - £50
3 Players - £60
4 Players - £70
5 Players - £80
6 Players - £90


2 - 6 players (recommended 5 players)

Recommended for 

Escape room game newbies & veteran players alike.

Suitable for adults and kids aged 8+

Mission Type

Hi-tech escape room with a mixed linear and non-linear set-up,

Perfect for keeping everyone on your team busy.

Difficulty Rating

4/5 stars

Record Time


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